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Play Formula online now!

Be the first to get rid of all your cards by making a formula and giving the answer. Fun, educational and challenging!


Under "Tools/Videos" in the main menu you will find a few videos with an explanation about the game, how to create a team and how to become a member of a team.

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Errors or mistakes

If something is not working properly while playing, mail us at If possible, add photos. You can also fill in the contact form on the contact page.


Is Formula for everybody?

Formula is for anyone who masters the basic maths. That is, once you can add and subtract, Formula is fun! You don't have to be good, and yet you can win. We promise that the more you play, the better you will get at mathematics!

Are you playing for the first time? Then follow the tutorial. You can find it when you click "Play Now". Alternatively, you can watch the explanation video's here.

Do you like it and will you come back? Then we suggest you create an account.

Game rules

The goal is to be the first to get rid of your cards. You do this by making equations that are correct.

The first to act may only put down an answer and place a yellow card between the face up cards.

Then, each player may place a maximum of 3 cards on or next to the cards that are already there and exchange the yellow card. When fractions are involved or when playing only with the "x" and "÷" signs, 4 cards may be laid down.

Press "check" when you have placed your equation.

If you can't go, then take a card from the deck.

Read the detailed rules here or watch the video under "Extra/Video's".

Benefits for kids

When children play Formula, they simply experience it as playing a fun game. They don't realize that they are practicing maths all the time. The effect is that they are practicing well, putting automation into practice, becoming more creative with numbers, enjoying maths and perhaps most importantly, increasing self-confidence.


The person who is the best at maths doesn't necessarily win. So if you win a few games, you think you can calculate well and then that becomes reality.


Use at school

Both the physical card game Formula and the website can be used perfectly at school. has the advantage that the performance of the children becomes instantly available and transparent for the teacher. In addition, it can also easily be used if a student has already finished the maths work while others are still busy with it.


The physical card game has the advantage that, in addition to working on the maths skills, it is an excellent way to be testing and using executive skills. For example, you can give the assignment that if a child does not know whether it can make an equation, that the others must help this child by giving hints. 


"This is going to be the best math homework they've ever had from me!" - Miss Kim

By creating a team for a class on, of which the students then become a member, the teacher can, for example, see exactly how many games each student has played, and also what kind of equations the students make (+, -, x and ).


In addition, children can also log in at home and continue playing with classmates, friends, family or strangers from all over the world!

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